The Canadian electrically assisted city bike!



     The goal of this project was to design a more affordable electric road bicycle that would encourage commuters to opt for a more sustainable method of transportation, by making a bicycle more efficient. The company and I were aiming to meet the quality of high end electrical bicycles, at a more affordable price.



     As the only designer and head of project, I was responsible for:

o Designing the frame

o Choosing the right components and finding providers

o Geometry & Ergonomics

o Testing the electrical system and integrating it

o Technical details and development

o Supervise prototype development





Geometry is critical for designing a bicycle for structure, rigidity and ergonomics.

Research and studies on human percentile were used to determine the ideal critical measurements for the one size e-bike.




     Prototyping started by converting a regular low end bicycle to an electrical bicycle using the Girfalco - New Energy system.

     Test performed measured the systems capabilities and characteristics such as speed, range ease of use and other...

     Once the frame was finalized. Drawings were made and the prototyping of the frame begun.


This project is ongoing and the final product is not yet finished.

More information on the project is on their website:

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